How To Size Your Cartier Love Bracelet


While we all are obsessed with the look of Cartier Love bracelets, sizing them can be a bit tricky. Symbolizing devotion and love between partners, this iconic look and style would, of course, come with an iconic fit. When shopping around to get your Love bracelet fix, it is important that you know your proper size. Cartier recently released a couple different ways to size yourself at home without the stress!


Measuring Tape: The first and most accurate way to size your wrist would be to measure it! I know, I know, it sounds a bit ridiculous, but there may be a step in this process we’ve all been missing. So, you take a tape measure, wrap it around the wrist (yes, the one you’re planning on wearing the bracelet on), then write down the number at the point where the tape meets zero. Hold on! We aren’t finished yet! To ensure a comfortable fit, add 1.5 cm to the measurement, you can always add or subtract depending on what kind of fit you prefer! To make this process even easier, Cartier supplied a link to a Cartier Wrist Sizer:


Sizing With Another Bracelet: First Step, dig through your jewelry box and find that bracelet with the perfect fit. Secondly, you set it down flat. From there, you measure the length with a ruler, starting with the top of the clasp and finishing with the end of the bracelet. Write down that number. Lastly, order your very own, personal, Cartier Love Bracelet as close in size to that measurement as possible!  


Remember: Due to the iconic design of the Love bracelet, the usual rules you use to size your bracelet will differ slightly. Once you’ve taken the time the time to measure and compare to our Handy Dandy Sizing Chart, adjust accordingly. Cartier recommends adding 1 cm for a tighter fit, and 2 cm for a looser fit.


We hope this helps! Looking for a Love Bracelet to call your very own? Check out our Cartier Collection here: