Behind the Scenes: Interning With STORE 5a




Today, we at STORE 5a have to say goodbye to our summer intern Susan Blatt. You may recognize her from some of our previous photos:

Here she is, laughing in the face of danger for a good cause! 


And here she is modeling off some of our favorite pretties! 



For the past couple of months she has been busy spoiling us by helping out at every chance she gets! I was interested in finding out what she learned and loved from her time at STORE 5a, as well as some of her all time favorite pieces! We would like to thank her for all of her hard work wish her the best in all that she does!


A Few Things About My Internship

Two months later, and my time as an intern has come to a close at STORE 5a. The team and I just laughed that it feels like yesterday was my first day here. From the start I expressed how ready I was to hit the ground running, and that is exactly what we tried to accomplish this summer. My internship was a great start into the fashion industry. Within the last couple months I learned so many things I would’ve never learned by taking an educational course at my University, or working as a temporary retail employee.  

We work directly with the Diamond Cellar here at STORE 5a, and send all of our pieces through their shop to authenticate and certify them. I quickly realized I’d get the best of both worlds this summer. You can imagine as a Fashion Merchandising student just how excited I was to experience both a large, and a small business in the fashion industry. I got to see daily operations at STORE 5a, and experience the local, urban feel, yet I got a glimpse into how a large business communicates, operates, and functions, like the Diamond Cellar. Even if it was running errands for the business, working on a project, conversing with others, or observing interactions with customers, I learned valuable things for my future career.

Interning at STORE 5a broadened my understanding of jewelry and changed my perception of the jewelry business. It seemed like all the pieces came together this summer. I’ve taken all of the design and business classes, and finally, these last couple months I had the opportunity to work in a flexible, laid back environment that allowed me to practice these things in a professional setting. I often think the best way to learn is to practice, and I was thrilled to have that opportunity to work with the jewelry displayed in window cases throughout the store. What a rewarding experience! All that I’d learned and been working toward seemed to come to fruition.

A day in the life of an intern looked something like: working on the window displays in the store, rearranging jewelry, assisting with daily operations, updating website material, listing products on alternative websites, running errands, and becoming a regular at FedEx.  



If you ask the team about my experience at STORE 5a they might tell you how much I talk about the Cartier Love Bracelets (or they might even tell you about the one time they excused me from work as part of a plan for my fiancé to propose).  I love this piece partly because the meaning behind it. With this bracelet, the couple fastens on the wearers wrist with two screws, and she can keep it on for eternity, or until the couple wishes to remove it. I love the sign of love and commitment.



I love this diamond necklace because it is elegant, yet classic. I love simple jewelry and this is one that I couldn’t stop looking at.



This cluster ring is just breathtaking. If you think it looks gorgeous in this picture, you should see it in person. I love how it sparkles in every direction, and catches your eye.  


If I had to choose ONE handbag in the store to call my favorite I would run and grab the Prada Vitelli Daino Tote. You can dress up or down this handbag. I would stick all the possibly stationary and books I can in that bag and head to my favorite coffee shop.


Is this Cartier Ballon Bleu timepiece fantastic or what?! I recently added a piece of rose gold jewelry to my collection and now I want all of the rose gold. 


I would like to thank the STORE 5a team for their patience in allowing me to learn from their great example, answering all my quirky questions about our beautiful jewelry, and making my time here one of the most memorable experiences. Come stop in and check out my top 5 pieces listed above!




                                                         -Lindsay S.-