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Is my information secure?

You bet! We utilize encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data and payment information. This ensures that customer data is both secure and kept private.

Is all of your inventory online?

Not quite. Some pieces can only be purchased in-store. If there is something that you are looking for, but cannot find, feel free to ask us for help!

Do online prices & offers apply in-store?

Yes, unless noted otherwise.

When I place my item in my cart, is the item reserved for me?

Unfortunately, it is not. The only way to truly ensure that an item will not be sold to someone else is to complete your checkout.

Can I see the product in person before I buy it?

Absolutely. We currently have locations in Columbus, OH as well as Tulsa, OK. If there is a specific piece you’re interested in seeing, we recommend contacting us to speak with an associate who will be able to make sure the piece is at the correct location and set up a time for you to view it.

Don't live in either of these areas? We also offer a 14 day full refund policy. If you don’t love your purchase, just let us know!


When will my order ship?

We fulfill all orders within 48 business hours (Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm).

If your order is being shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking information. If you selected in-store pickup, we will contact you as soon as the order is ready.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

Is my shipment insured?

Items you purchase from us are fully protected against loss or damage in transit.

Do I have to sign to receive my shipment?

All shipments will require a signature at the time of delivery. FedEx will not honor a note asking for the package to be left or to have a neighbor sign.

What shipping options are available?

We are happy to offer free standard shipping as well as free in-store pickup at any of our Diamond Cellar parent companies. If you are so excited to receive your item that you don’t want to wait a day longer then you have to, we also offer overnight shipping for $50.00.


What is your return policy?

As long as the item has not been worn or damaged we will refund the entire amount paid if it's returned within 14 days. If you purchased an item online then the 14 days start once you have received your package.

How do I make a return?

Simply give us a call at (614) 454-4565 or email us and we will provide you with a pre-paid return-shipping label.

Payments & Taxes

Will I be charged sales tax on my orders?

If you live in, or are shipping the item to a location in Ohio or Oklahoma then yes. Both local and state taxes will be applied depending on where you live and where the item is being shipped.


Is jewelry repair and ring sizing available?

Some rings are designed and crafted in materials that will not allow for re-sizing. However, with most rings we are able to adjust the ring size by 1 or 2 sizes. With access to some of the worlds best jewelers and goldsmiths we can help repair and restore nearly any jewelry piece.

Can you repair jewelry that was purchased somewhere other than STORE 5a?

Yes, we would love to help! Please give us a call to see what services we offer.


What is affirm?

We’re here to help you pay over time for the things you love. You’re in control of how long you get to make monthly payments. Plus, you never pay more than what you agree to up front. Just about every store accepts us as payment. Partner stores offer us at checkout. And most other stores let you pay with an Affirm virtual card.

Are there any financing costs?

We don’t charge fees, and 0% APR or 10-36% APR is the range for our annual percentage rates (APR). At checkout, we always show the total amount of interest you’ll pay and we never charge more beyond that. This way, you always know what you’re getting into. We don’t charge late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any hidden fees.

How can I apply for affirm?

Checkout as normal through STORE 5a and follow these steps:

1. At checkout, select Affirm as the payment method.

2. Follow the prompt to enter your mobile number. Select Continue.

3. Type your full legal name and your email address.

4. Type your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

5. Select Create account.

6. See your loan decision.

Or you can apply directly through affirm’s website.