How To Care For Your Jewelry


Now, we discuss a lot about “What To Wear”, and “When To Wear It”, but now it is time for us to have “the talk”. When purchasing fine jewelry, there are a lot of facts thrown at you. Carat weight, cuts, names of stones etc. But one huge factor can easily be overlooked, and that is how to properly care for your jewelry.

       Cleaning and care might not seem like that big of a deal, but you spent good money on it, you have emotional attachment, and you want to make sure your piece can stand the test of time. Here are a few tips that can put you on the correct path:


1. When to wear your jewelry:

        Last On First Off: While your piece of jewelry may be durable, there are certain irritants that over time can affect your jewelry. Hairsprays, perfumes, lotions, and cosmetics are just a few examples. This doesn’t mean we have to interrupt our daily routine ladies, just follow the Golden Rule. Jewelry should be the Last thing you put on and the First thing you take off.  


        Don’t Rough It Up: It may seem like a no brainer, but jewelry should not be worn while playing contact sports, or even while working out. The force and stress can cause damage to not only the jewelry but to the wearer and everyone involved. It is much easier to take off a piece of jewelry than it is to get it repaired!


        Don’t Rough It Up (pt deux): This may not seem as obvious, but removing jewelry during simple manual tasks can help immensely. This helps to prevent exposure to chemicals found in cleaning products or to avoid structural damage. Some overlooked tasks include: kitchen work, showering cleaning the house, gardening, dishes, laundry and other common activities. 


       Beware the Splashzone: Please remove jewelry when planning on getting into a pool or hot tub. Chlorine and chlorinated water can have terrible effects on the metal used in jewelry. This could result in not only color changes, but could extremely damage the structure of the jewelry. Not to mention sunscreen, oils, and other products that are used for some fun in the sun can cause some damaging reactions as well.  


       Don’t Take It To Bed With You: Sleeping with your rings on can actually cause a number of different issues. Not only can your ring become misshapen, but it has the potential to snag causing damage to the ring itself or to the wearer.



2. Keeping it clean:

        Clean with Care: Cleaning your own jewelry at home is often recommended and can keep your jewelry looking “so fresh and so clean clean”… But clean with care. Unless you purchase a cleaner from a professional jewelry store then keep away from commercial cleaners. For golds and diamonds grab a toothbrush and gently cleanse your jewelry with warm water and soap. Anything with harsh chemicals can be severely damaging, especially bleach, so it is best to avoid this at all costs! If you have silver or metals susceptible to tarnishing, invest in a polishing cloth, and keep away from water.


          Damaged Jewelry: Avoid cleaning broken or damaged jewelry. The water or cleaning solution may end up causing further issues. Your best bet is to take this item to a professional to repair the damage so worse issues do not occur.


            Inspect, Inspect, Inspect: Most jewelry stores will recommend getting your jewelry inspected and cleaned once every six months, and some even offer this for free! Once again, simple inspection can take just a few minutes of your time and potentially save you from spending a lot of money to replace a stone, or fix what once was a simple repair. Keep your jewelry happy and healthy so that it can last for many more years!


 3. Jewelry Storage:

        Keep It Safe and Sound: While being able to store your jewelry in the original box it came in is ideal, it is not always realistic. Just be mindful to store in a place that keeps your pieces from moving around or tangling with other items. Also, be sure to store in a place that avoids extreme temperature changes, humidity, and water in general. This can cause tarnishing or even damage to certain stones.


         Taking It on the Road: A travel case is an excellent thing to invest in. Mostly made of leather or fabric, you can store the pieces you are taking with you in a simple case that can conveniently be rolled up. This will keep your jewelry safe and sound without taking up too much space in your luggage!  


 4. Ask a professional:

          Always Trust the Experts: If something comes up and you aren’t 100% on what to do, ask a professional. Your jewelry is something you care deeply for, and we care for it too! No problem is too big or too small. They will gladly help you through the process and keep your jewelry looking great! It is always better to be safe than sorry!



Hopefully these tips help you out! If you’re in need of an inspection, repair, or cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be glad to help you in store, and to give you any and all advice on taking care of your jewelry!


                                          -Lindsay Sherman-