Ask the Experts: Top Ten Trends of 2016's Bridal Season


Engagement ring shopping should be an exciting, wonderful, and sublime experience. After all, you’re in love and what could be better than that? Okay…Let’s be honest, it’s also overwhelming, am I right? With bridal season in full swing we decided to take out some of the guess work and ask our very own expert about the top bridal trends for 2016. Gabe is the Diamond Cellar’s Bridal/Diamond Buyer, and here is what he has to say about what to be expecting this season:


Top 10 Bridal Jewelry Trends:

  1. Halo designs
  2. Rose gold and yellow gold
  3. Mixed metal designs (rose/white, yellow/white)
  4. Fancy cut diamonds (especially emerald cuts and ovals)
  5. Ornate engagement ring settings with intricate designs / elaborate profiles
  6. Thin wedding bands that can be stacked
  7. Color gemstone accents (especially pink and blue sapphires)
  8. Color center stones (yellow diamonds, gemstones)
  9. Nature inspired designs (leaves, florals)
  10. Split and asymmetrical bands


Not only was Gabe kind enough to send us some trends, he also gave us some behind the scenes insight on what to do (or don’t) while shopping bridal:


Do’s and Don’ts For Engagement Rings:

  1. DO plan ahead. It can sometimes take several weeks to order or create the engagement ring you are after.
  2. DO spring for quality. Less expensive does not always mean you are saving money, you may be sacrificing quality that you will end up paying for down the road.
  3. DO your research. If you are not sure what style she will like ask friends or family, see if she has a Pinterest board, or look at the other types of jewelry she wears. Remember: you’re shopping for her not you.
  4. DO set a budget. You know your finances and what you can afford. The purchase should not be dictated by how much financing you qualify for or the salesperson in front of you.
  5. DO make sure to insure the ring. Warranties only cover manufacturing defects in the ring, and not if it is lost, stolen, or damaged on your own accord.
  6. DON’T buy extended warranties. Most quality ring designers/manufacturers will warranty their own product, and a good independent jewelry store will stand behind their merchandise. Extended warranties rarely cover what you are trying to fix, require you to follow an inspection schedule, and are purely money-makers for chain stores.
  7. DON’T apply for financing until you are ready to purchase. Chain stores make a significant amount of money off of their in-house financing and the salespeople are paid commissions to get you to fill out applications. What they don’t tell you is that opening an account will affect your credit score and potentially cause you to be declined at the store where you really want to purchase.
  8. DON’T settle for something close to what you want. A ring can always be custom designed to your exact specifications if you cannot find the perfect one.
  9. DON’T be afraid to ask questions. A reputable jeweler should have no problem putting your mind at ease and handle any concerns you may have.
  10. DON’T stress yourself out. At the end of the day, she loves you for who you are and whichever ring you choose won’t change how she feels about you.


We couldn’t agree more. Still feeling lost? Don’t worry, we got you. Check out our collection below to shop the looks!


-Lindsay Sherman-