Mad Men: Jewelry of the Mod Squad

           It’s that time again. April rolled through and we tried to ignore the fact that this time last year we lost one of the best dramas a girl could ask for. AMC’s Mad Men ran for seven seasons. Seven seasons chalk full of Scotch, scandal, sex, and most importantly style. Week to week we watched Joan, Betty, and Peggy show us jewelry trends to match any personality or look. They fashionably brought on the “return of the curve”, but mimicking their chunky Mod style has to be easier than slipping into Shapewear on the daily, right? How? With jewelry.


 If there is one thing I’ve learned from the leading ladies it is “never underestimate the power of the stud”. To me, stud earrings always seemed so wimpy, the baby sister to the dangle and drop earrings that made so much more of a statement. Since the dawn of clip on earrings during the 1920’s, there has yet to be an era that perfected the idea quite like the 1960’s. Paired with low necklines and elaborate necklaces; chunky, bold studs of every shape and color finished style effortlessly. Today, studs offer sparkle, a pop of color, and sometimes a touch of luxurious gold is all you need to accent an outfit.

          To make the look even more polished, matching sets were in high priority. Take the guess work out of looking fabulous. Try Peggy’s iconic pearl look with a matching bracelet, necklace, and studs. Or this Gold and Wood Oval Link necklace with matching earrings for a bold take on a classic chain.

          Brooches, brooches galore. Fashion magazines are picking up brooches and pins left and right, so don’t be afraid to try them yourself. Have fun and let your personality drive your accessories. If you’re like me and thought “brooches are magnificent creatures, how can we use them more?”. Mad Men gave us the glorious answer. No longer are brooches just for coats and scarves. No, no. Now it is perfectly acceptable to wear them as hair accessories (why didn’t we think of this sooner?). Try pinning one in your bun, or holding back loose tendrils. 


         Last but definitely not least, my personal 1960’s favorite that transcends every decade, the simple addition of the cocktail ring. Anything fun, bright, unique, or glamorous. Tie a look together or mix it up with different colors. If you aren’t 100% sure the look works, try it anyways. This is about empowerment, ladies! Take Charge! Enjoy yourself! So remember, even though the 60’s brought on some hideous fashion faux pas (anyone remember the beehive?), we can definitely thank this glorious era for the fab jewelry trends that span generations.


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-Lindsay Sherman-