You all know that I’m big on CPW (cost per wear) and few things get as good of CPW as a quality handbag. Designer handbags are typically the best quality and they can completely transform an outfit. I love that a beautiful bag can take jeans and a t-shirt and totally elevate the look. Whether you’re keeping it casual with sneakers or dressing it up with heels, a bag can totally make or break the look. Today, I’m talking about how you can get designer bags for less and why I #willworkforbags.

When my husband and I went to Paris this past summer, I really wanted to buy a designer bag. What better souvenir can you get from one of the most fashionable cities in the world? I had narrowed it down to two or three favorites that I loved most and really thought about taking the plunge. When we were there, I felt like I wasn’t quite ready to go for it, so I put it off. I prefer to find a good deal whenever possible and something was just telling me ‘not yet.’

Shortly after we got home, I noticed that one of my favorite bags that I had wanted to purchase in Paris was for sale on STORE 5a. I had followed them on Instagram and sort of screamed out loud when I saw this black Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour with gold hardware. This was one of the exact bags I wanted! I felt like it was meant to be. I could get this beautiful designer bag that I had already wanted and know that it was guaranteed authentic at a lower price. That’s a win, win for me! I absolutely love bags and totally think I #willworkforbags, but lets be honest, we all work hard for our money and we all want to save where we can.

If you’re unfamiliar, STORE 5a is a store where you can buy and sell authentic, pre-owned luxury goods and accessories. They have over seventy years of experience to authenticate, refurbish, and appraise each piece they sell. This lets you shop confidently knowing that each piece is properly represented.

Plus, if you for some reason feel that it wasn’t, they’ll offer you a full refund. STORE 5a works to preserve fashion history for future generations by creating a shopping experience that helps you save money and helps save the environment. They have a great selection and are always adding new pieces to their site!



I’ve been checking back on their site weekly to see if another one of my dream bags appears online. I was so happy with this whole experience that I wouldn’t think twice if I saw one, because I know I would be getting another great quality bag for less. I prefer more understated designer bags where the logo is subtle and I like classic bags that won’t be out of style in a few months. It’s important to me that when I buy expensive pieces that they are ones I will use countless times for years to come.

Designer bags are definitely investments, so I want to be sure I treat them like one. A lot of people I know do well approaching designer bags as their own little business by buying designer bags, using them for a while, and reselling them. Some bags, like a classic Chanel bag, can actually increase in value over time. A classic bag is something you can absolutely pass down in your family, as it will stand the test of time!

I have already styled this bag SO many times. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve definitely seen it a lot since I got it and you will be seeing this little beauty tons more. That’s the beauty of a classic designer bag, there are endless ways to style it! I’m sharing a few of the looks I’ve worn it with so far with you all below.

If you’re looking to find a beautiful piece of jewelry, accessories, or designer bags for less, STORE 5a has an awesome selection of high quality, great condition items. Plus, they have fabulous customer service to ensure that you love your purchase. Definitely look at them for your next purchase and keep checking back since they get new items in each week!

Photos by Vanessa Christina Photography

This post was brought to you in collaboration with STORE 5a. I saw the Saint Laurent bag on their feed and would have purchased it anyways, but reached out to propose a collaboration. I was gifted the bag in exchange for posting about the store and my experience. As always, all opinions are my own.