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Translated from Italian to English

Today I am particularly happy to tell you about my latest online discovery. 
As you know, I'm always looking for unique items and accessories that somehow distinguish me from others. I do not like the classic products that everyone has.
And so, a few nights ago, surfing the net I came across the site 
It is not a simple virtual showcase, as we are used to see now online, but it is just a unique catalog for gender and style.
You can find accessories of all kinds: glasses, watches, bags, rings, etc ... Nothing is missing! You can find all the brands you prefer, there is something for everyone!
Searching on the site I came across them: a pair of beautiful earrings, light heart-shaped and at the best price.
In short: love at first sight.

STORE 5a Heart Earrings

When I find beautiful things that I like, I do not think much, I'm impulsive.
I select the earrings, add them to the cart and in a few clicks, I had placed the order. Fantastic! I was really satisfied. It is not easy to find something that you like immediately, that makes you want to buy without ifs and buts.
After only 3 days from the order, I see the package delivered directly to my home.
What a thrill to see them and especially to try them out. Packaging beautiful ... Er, yes, I'm slightly fixed with the packaging. But the earrings? I like them a lot and above all, they are very light, in 14 kt gold. 

I wear them all day.

Nada STORE 5a

On you can really find everything. A super reliable company that has branded products at incredible prices. 
A maniacal care for details and even after sales. Super friendly staff!
I bought it for a heart-shaped summer just like my wonderful earrings
I'm sure you can find your perfect purchase on Store5a too. 

What are you waiting for?


-A kiss 


By Nada Mezini
IG: @about.nada