How our process benefits you:

Our association with the Diamond Cellar allows each piece to be serviced by a true jewelry, watch and handbag expert. Should a watch or jewelry piece ever need to be repaired or refurbished, you are guaranteed that all parts we use are authentic and will not need to be replaced by its manufacturer.


All previously owned watches, handbags and jewelry items are brought into our shop and put through a painstaking inspection by our experts. Our staff boasts over 70 years of experience and has a zero tolerance policy for fakes. Once inspected and authenticated it is ready for refurbishing.


Most items are refurbished or overhauled in our authorized service center but in some instances, due to inventory or further brand expertise needed, we may choose to send a watch back to the brand factory for refurbishing. This collaboration with our brand factories ensures the highest quality is retained. Once refurbished, each watch undergoes a water resistance test, amplitude test and a time test to ensure that it is performing to the standards of the brand. Upon successful completion of these tests we provide the watch with a one-year timekeeping warranty.


Once a watch or jewelry item has been authenticated and refurbished, it is fully appraised by a Graduate Gemologist from GIA. This appraisal is given to a client during purchase. We think there are many benefits to owning a pre-owned piece from STORE 5a. You’re not only preserving history for future generations but you’re also saving the environment, saving money, and preserving the value of your piece for many years to come.

***At STORE 5a we have a zero-tolerance policy for fakes and replicas. Analysis of all jewelry, handbags and watches is done by our expert trained, in-house professionals including Graduate Gemologists, horologists, and appraisers. STORE 5a is not affiliated with the brands that it carries and the brands are often not involved in the authentication process. We guarantee that each item is authentic and accurately described, or your money back.