The STORE 5a story

Although jewelry has always been a huge part of my family, it wasn’t until I was older that I began to feel a strong connection to it. I had a great appreciation for the craft and the industry but for the longest time, there was no emotional tie to it. Personally, I have always been passionate about music. This love for music led to a deep appreciation for vintage and pre-owned instruments. I quickly fell in love with the stories and sounds that came from each piece. I would spend days researching which guitars my hero’s played, what colors were first offered on a 1958 Gibson ES 335 and what made certain pieces timeless.

It wasn’t until one summer when I was interning at my family’s jewelry store, the Diamond Cellar, that I noticed all of the vintage and pre-owned jewelry their customers were looking to sell. Many of these pieces were beautiful and had such a rich history. Pieces like this posed a real problem for many customers. They were too dangerous or difficult to sell on eBay but were worth more than just their weight in gold. After looking into it, I asked if I could begin buying and selling this jewelry online. With Diamond Cellar’s expert watch and jewelry shop, appraisal team and buying staff, we had everything we needed to help customers buy and sell jewelry in a safe and trustworthy environment.

-Jesse Johnson
Director at STORE 5a



"a simple, and environmentally friendly way to buy and sell luxury jewelry, while extending the history of truly beautiful vintage pieces."
-How He Asked
"A perfect 10"
- Columbus Monthly

"People want to find unique pieces that say something about
themselves, and (STORE 5a) wants jewelry to be included in
that market."
- The Metropreneur 

"If you're on the hunt for a unique watch, a vintage
engagement ring or a statement piece of jewelry, STORE 5a
is your answer."
- Columbus Underground