There are many deciding factors when looking through closets, jewelry boxes, etc., and determining what you no longer need can be a chore in itself. There are sentimental pieces that maybe it is time to just get rid of, then there are those pieces that are taking up space that we know we will never wear again, but for some reason we are still hanging onto. Whatever the reason behind your attachment, STORE 5a is here to help ease you into the process of perfecting the 'New Year, New You' mindset. We are experts at cleaning out our closets and soon you will be too!   
Part 1:
So, on to the big question, “How do I determine what to keep or sell?” We’ve put together a list of questions to help you learn to let go.

Questions to ask yourself:
- Does this piece fit into my current style or is it in current style?
- Have I worn this within the last 12 months?
- Is it likely I will wear this piece in the future?
- Is this a piece I would hand down to family/friends in years to come?
- If the piece is damaged, will I make an effort to get it repaired?
- Does the piece have sentimental meaning?
If you are looking at a piece and have said “No” to more than one of these questions, it may be time to look into other options.
Yes! YOU have OPTIONS and we are here to help!
So, what do you do next?
If the only reason a piece has not been worn in a while is that is needs a repair, we’ve got you covered!
Repair can be as simple as a watch battery. Being a part of the Diamond Cellar, our shop offers nearly 70 years of experience!  
Is it more than just a repair? Well, we’ve thought of that too!

SELL! It's simple, SELL your items to US!  We do buy pieces outright. Bring your items to us! We are located in the Short North and have a new location on Morse Crossing. Our team will authenticate and appraise each item!

Fashion Jewelry: David Yurman, Lagos, Stephen Webster, John Hardy.
Designer Handbags by: Gucci, YSL, Celine, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Burberry, Chanel.  In "Like New" to Excellent condition.
Fine Timepieces by: ROLEX, Tudor, TAG Heuer, Baume & Mercier, Cartier, Patek Philippe, Jaegar LeCoultre, Omega, Breitling

We Also Purchase: Vintage, Estate pieces, Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands & Fine
SIMPLE: We outright buy each piece, allowing you to receive a check almost immediately.
VALUE: By having our own in-house shop we can authenticate and refurbish each piece, bringing it to like new condition. This increases the value of your item!
TRUST: Being a part of the Diamond Cellar, our shop boasts nearly 70 years of experience.
Want more "bang for your buck"?
We offer Trade In Pricing as well.  
For more information on selling or trading your luxury items, check out our sell with us page here.  
Fashion History : Own a piece of fashion history: Each piece has a unique story. Whether it is the legacy of the brand that designed it or the journey it took to be rediscovered; each piece has a past that's as rich as its future.
Socially Responsible: Ethically and socially responsible: When buying a pre-owned luxury item, no new mines need to be dug, no labor standards will be compromised, and no new natural resources will be wasted.
Save Money: Better pricing: By buying pre-owned, you're able to save big while still ensuring quality.
Get an estimate! Check out our “Sell With Us” page for a fast and easy approach to selling your luxury items.
Next week we will have PART 2 of the ‘New Year, New You’ segment focusing on the top trends for 2017!
-Lisa Edge-