Best Investment Watches Fall 2021

When looking for your next watch, it’s always best to consider the financial gains that can be made from investing in a rare, high quality timepiece. Not every watch made, regardless of quality, will hold its value as well as others, and there are a number of factors that play into value over time.

The first factor to consider when buying an investment watch is the brand of the watch. Brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe are all privately owned, historical brands. These manufacturers do not answer to the market, quite the contrary. Their concerns are build-quality, craftsmanship, reputation, and brand identity over short-term profits. Watches from these manufacturers are usually produced in smaller numbers, for shorter periods of time, and are of the utmost quality. In our inventory we have a 1965 Rolex Submariner. Brand new, this watch was likely purchased for a couple hundred USD, now priced at $16,995 in 2021. It’s impossible to go back in time and snag a bargain Rolex, but the massive price increase on the piece is a testament to the value Rolex has held, and will likely continue to hold. 


Another factor to think about is the model of the watch. Omega doesn’t perform as well as Rolex overall on the secondary market, but the iconic Speedmaster is a highly desirable, highly collectible piece that tends to hang onto its value. Iconic models, regardless of the performance of the brand as a whole, can bring great returns over a period of time. One model to consider is the Panerai Luminor. In our inventory, we currently have on consignment a special edition Tutto Grigio, titanium Panerai Luminor Marina. Models such as this, with iconic styling and limited numbers, will hold their value overtime and have the possibility of becoming a cult favorite in the future! 


If you like modern watches, it’s best to think of “future classics.” Take into stock the brand, the quality, and the design of contemporary watches. What do you think will perform well in the future? One brand we love is Nomos Glashütte out of Germany. Currently on offer in our inventory is the Nomos Ahoi Atlantic, a simple, modern designed watch with crisp lines and a casual demeanor. Nomos’ performance as a brand is akin to that of Rolex, AP, and Patek, as all components of their watches and movements are done completely in-house. Watches of this quality have a good chance of holding value, especially if well taken care of. This method does not promise quick flips or high yields in a short period of time, but building a collection of top-notch timepieces and hanging onto them could have some serious pay off in the long term! 


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