Style Update: Week 2

Hello and happy Wednesday!
Its official, summer is over. Today, Wednesday September 23, is the first day of fall. Time to put away your bikinis and flip flops and get out your boot and scarf collection!
Although I prefer 80 degree weather, I don’t mind fall. It’s a time for tailgating, my birthday, and everything pumpkin. But, my favorite part about fall is New York Fashion Week, the official forecast of the next year’s trends.

This year’s forecast says anything goes garment wise. Mixing textures, patterns, and colors with inspiration from all decades.

In jewelry, two things seemed to be repeated by multiple designers; antique accents, and stackables.

It’s a trend that I have seen a lot recently. Customers are wearing rings that were their mother’s or grandmother’s… and asking to see these styles in our store. I love to see an antique cocktail or ballerina ring mixed with more contemporary jewelry. Women today love the idea of something one of a kind and recycled instead of a mass production piece. It is refreshing. The nice thing about our business is that we get rings from all decades and personalities and our stock is always changing. Although you may see similar styles, you will never see two of the exact same thing. So you’ll never have to worry about seeing your piece on a friend, unless you let her borrow it. In this picture, ballerina and deco rings from the 20s and 30s are paired with cabochon rings from the 50s and 60s. Try mixing in a vintage style bauble with your everyday jewelry for a new twist on your current wardrobe.



Coco Chanel always said that you should take off one accessory before you leave the house. Sorry Coco, not this year. Even though the trend of stacking may not have been her taste, she was queen of the cuff. Stacking bracelets, especially thicker ones, is the new look. The cuff was once a stand-alone piece, and now it is seen being paired with bangles, tennis bracelets, beads, watches, and even other cuffs. Stacking a variety of bracelets of different sizes and finishes can make something you’re tired of wearing a favorite again. By adding just one or two new versatile pieces to those you already have you can create many different looks. Metal mixing is also popular, which I love to do because it allows me to choose from a larger variety of pieces and create so many more looks with what I have. It is also budget friendly because you can get away with buying one or two new interesting pieces and using what you have.


I hope you enjoyed reading about these two fall jewelry trends and I hope you give them a try! We love customer pictures, so if you would like to send us photos of you wearing these trends please do so at!