Pre-Owned Garnet and Sapphire Pendant

Stock #: 0002305 | Currently located at STORE 5a, Easton Market (Columbus, OH)

$ 395 $ 890

This pre-owned pendant takes two types of garnet, rhodolite and almandite, as well as colorless sapphires and forms them into a beautiful floral pattern. The necklace features 43 garnets in total equaling 1.65 carats and 8 sapphires equaling 0.20 carats. So feminine and unique!

  • Excellent
Fine Points
  • Length: 18 inches
  • Crafted in: Sterling Silver
  • Main Stone: Garnet, Total Weight: 43=1.65* Carats Shape: Round Stone Type: Rhodolite & Almandite Color: Purplish Red, Shape: Round
  • Stone 2: Sapphire, Total Weight: 8=0.20* Carats Shape: Round Single Cuts Color: Colorless

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